Businesses around the world use Virsae’s cloud-based platform, Virsae Service Management (VSM), to keep their communications systems performing at their best.

Providing a whole new world of interaction insight in the unified communications and contact center space, VSM collects data on a massive scale, overlaying AI-based analytics, automation, workflows, reporting, and notifications to keep the technology that underpins customer interactions running flawlessly.

Fueled by the power of big data analytics, yet with a simple UI that is easily configurable with real-time dashboards, VSM presents a complete view of the quality of interactions between a company and its customers.

Get to the bottom of incidents before users complain. Identify root causes to stop them happening again. Fix bottlenecks slowing down your network. And switch off unused resources to improve your bottom line.

Is your UC environment a picture of health?

Virsae Service Management (VSM) puts you in the picture

UC security threats keeping you awake at night?

VSM Security Manager will help you sleep soundly.


Customer calls go unanswered?

VSM fixes broken contact centre call flows so customers always get through.


Losing vital system information?

VSM backs up system configuration data in the cloud. Where you can always get it.


Can’t see problems on your voice network?

VSM shows what’s broken and how to fix it.


Stop paying for unused software

VSM tracks UC resource utilization – so you pay for what you use, nothing more.


Configuration changes are easy to undo

When you remember what you changed. VSM never forgets.


VSM for Unified Communications

Keep your UC platform working at the speed of business

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VSM for Customer Experience

Don’t let broken technology damage client relationships

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VSM for

Monitor IT infrastructure through a single interface

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