What’s going on?

Workforce management (WFM) applications keep the right number of call centre agents on the job – so your customers always get an answer. But it’s a tightrope act because WFM tools also depend on real-time data from contact center reporting applications.  When the real-time data link breaks, you need to know – fast. Say hello to Virsae Service Management (VSM).

VSM watches WFM real-time feeds – so you don’t have to

No one’s got time to monitor critical data feeds. You’ve got to trust that your WFM tool is running on real-time call management data. Only you can’t. Unless someone else keeps watch and raises the alarm when data goes amiss.

VSM keeps a watchful eye, reporting real-time status of information feeds from Avaya CMS to WFM tools, including Blue Pumpkin, IEX, TCS, Geocall, and New Gen.

Now you can always trust your WFM is running on real-time call data – and fix staff schedules and agent performance before customer experience suffers.

Learn how VSM dashboards keep you in the picture

Click on the screen for a 3-minute demonstration of VSM’s CMS Workforce Management Dashlet.

See dashboard displays of real-time and historical connection status between WFM tools and call management systems.

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Businesses around the world use Virsae’s cloud-based business communications management platform, Virsae Service Management (VSM), to keep their communications technology running smoothly – so their channels stay open, workers keep communicating, and customers always get an answer.