New VSM Features

As a native cloud service, we’re continuously updating VSM with new features and improvements. Here’s a summary of some of the recent great new additions to VSM: October to December 2019

New Reports / Improved Reports

License usage reports were extended to include CMS.

New Dashlets / Improved Dashlets

  • We created an ACM summary dashlet that brings a high-level view of multiple Communication Managers into one dashlet. It shows key data specific to ACM health.
  • The default sort order of the alarms dashlet has been updated to be by severity instead of date. Sorting is by worst severity (red), and then created date – so worst most recent alarms are shown on top by default.
  • The IP Office dashlet now shows network connectivity data.

Improved VQM

Active Streams has been re-engineered and can now process millions of calls in progress without breaking a sweat.

Improved Custom Queries

  • We upgraded SIP Trace, Events, and Changelogs to support queries for the last hour, 6 hours, day and week.
  • We introduced a custom date/time range going back as far as 13 months.

Improved Security
Each of the fields on the account policies tab now has an informational mouse-over providing information on what the policy is, how to use, and minimum/maximum values supported.

Improved Change Log
Change Log grid has been updated to include richer filtering, including quick filters. The new grid also boasts a new full screen mode, row expansion, and column management.

Improved CMS Call Details

  • In the CMS Call Details page, under Service Desk, the expression builder has been extended to include the following criteria:
    o First Vector
    o Split 1, Split 2, Split 3
    o Call Disposition
  • The query builder has been extended to support both AND queries (default), and OR queries, where the user can add comma separated values, and query returns when any of those conditions match.

Upgrades to the Collector

  • The use of a one-time code to assist in the configuration of software only VSM Collectors.
  • We introduced the ability to automatically detect whether there is an existing installation, and provide feedback to the user accordingly.
  • We removed the dependency on .Net 3.5 – users are only required to install .Net 4.6 (the latest version).
  • Collectors will automatically be updated with the latest tested system updates, coinciding with existing update release processes.
  • New installers are 64-bit.

Contact us if you’d like further information on any of these new VSM features. 

VSM Tips

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VSM Framework Video


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