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Media Gateway Synchronization

May 24th, 2019|

What’s it for?

Improve call quality and the reliability of trunk groups.

  • Prevent DS1 circuits from slipping
  • Eliminate breaks in audio as PCM frames realign
  • Improve the reliability of the ISDN D-channel and therefore Trunk Group Availability

Where do I find them?

Media Gateway synchronization can be seen via DS1 Health in VSM’s Service Desk module. To see in real time, simply run the ACM Health dashlet. Availability Manager reports provides you with historic views.

Media Gateway Synchronization in Action

Click on the screen to watch a demonstration of Media Gateway Synchronization.

Media Gateway Synchronization Example

Media Gateway Synchronization Snapshot

Media Gateway Synchronization SnapshotThis portion of the ACM dashlet gives you a picture of synchronization in real time. All DS1 should always show as green. Amber indicates the DS1 is up but is experiencing difficulties in communicating. Click on the amber portion to drill down to more detail.

Media Gateway Synchronization Trend

Use the DS1 Performance report to track health over a specified time period. Errors that are generated on a regular basis are very likely to reflect DS1 slippage as a result of poor Media Gateway synchronization. Simply nominate a stable synchronization source for the Media Gateway using the “set synchronization” command in ACM to resolve the issue.

Media Gateway Synchronization Trend

Use the ACM Health dashlet and Availability Managers detailed reports to assess the health of your UC implementation. With data available in our cloud environment for up to 13 months, you can perform analyses over long periods of time and resolve hard-to-diagnose problems with ease.

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