With this release the focus is ongoing incremental improvements as we continue to drive forwards.


New Functionality

On the Voice Quality Management page, the name filter in the expression builder has been extended to contain string matching operators:

  • Contains
  • != not equals
  • = equals

IPNR Site Mapping for ACMs

On the Manage Equipment page, for ACM, clicking edit, or view, will show the IPNR site mapping, and automatically refresh, as they are updated on site.



Previously, when loading the Calls In Progress Dashlet, if no calls were in progress, the dashlet would permanently show the loading animation.  This issue has now been fixed.  If no calls in progress are detected, none are shown, and there is no loading animation


Workflow editing permissions

Several customers and business partners have been experiencing problems with incorrect permissions around editing  workflows.  These have now been fixed.  Business Partner administrators can edit BP and customer workflows.  Customer administrators can now also edit their workflows.  Users with non-administrative permissions (normal permissions) cannot.