This release covers fixes and improvements to reports, protocol validation, and equipment management.

New Functionality

Media Gateway Summary Report updated with additional data

The Media Gateway Timeout, and Media Gateway Timeout Summary reports now both show the same information. Previously the individualized gateway report included timeouts, signalling channel restarts and link bounces, while the summary report only covered timeouts.

The summary report has been updated to also include signalling channel restarts and link bounces, as well as timeouts.


Updates to BP Landing page

On the front landing page, there is now an ‘Add Customer’ on the bottom left hand side.

Search filters have also been added to top of the page for quicker customer selection.





SIP Session Trace

There were several issues on the Availability SIP Session Trace around time zone and date conversions, causing the SIP Session Time Start and full trace to report an incorrect time.
These have now been resolved:

  • The data presented in the SIP Session Trace is now converted from the server’s local time, which generated the trace, to the user’s profile time setting.
  • The short-cut buttons ‘Last hour’, ‘Last day’, ‘Last week’ are now retrieving data correctly for the specified period.
  • The ‘Last day’ button has been renamed to a less ambiguous ‘Last 24 hours’.

On the manage equipment page:

  • It is now possible to test access for Media Gateways for Avaya Communication Managers
  • For generic devices it now also possible to test access if SNMP, or SSH credentials have been configured.


There was an issue where some customers were not seeing call detail records for specific IP Office equipment. This has now been fixed. 

There was an issue with the agent data report not running automatically, when scheduled.  This has now been fixed.

Previously, there was an issue, where after changing the name of an ACM, Call details records were no longer showing.  This has now been fixed

For Business Partners, adding customers is now easier, with a convenient ‘Same as Billing’ address checkbox on the Address panel.

Network Connectivity dashlets were not displaying data correctly.  This has been fixed.