With this update there are further enhancements to VQM troubleshooting, reporting improvements, and we have added the ability for customers to control Business Partner’s Remote Access.

At a glance:

  • In Voice Quality Management, when viewing stream details, it is now possible to switch views to the related stream (in the other direction).
  • There are several improvements to reports, including
    • Providing better visibility of missing .wav files in the Audio Groups report
    • Extending Agent and Agent/Station Data reports to cater for up to 64 skills
    • Fixes for a time zone issue which sometimes prevented a report from running correctly
  • Customers now have the ability to enable, or disable a Business Partner’s Remote Access
  • Richer reporting of Call Rate on the ACM System Health Dashlet


What’s new

Instant visibility of current and related stream diagnostics in VQM

The Voice Quality Management page > Details pop-up has now been extended to show bi-directional stream information.

On the Configuration tab, there is a ‘swap’ icon, allowing the user to switch between the current stream and related stream.

When viewing VQM details, it is now possible to swap the view and see the same information for the related stream.

Ability for customers to enable or disable Remote Access

Customers now have the ability to control whether Business Partners should have access to equipment via Access Concentrator.

On the Service Desk -> Manage Customer page, there is a checkbox: ‘Disable Business Partner Remote Access‘. This setting can only be edited by Customer Administrators.


There is a checkbox on the Manage Customer page that customer administrators can set to disable Business Partner Remote Access

Reporting Enhancements

Audio Groups

Found under Configuration Manager > Reports, the Audio Groups report has been updated to give better visibility of missing .wav files. It now shows:

  • All sources as per configuration, with only those with .wav files having details populated. This provides clear indication when there are missing .wav files.
  • Where an audio group has more than one audio source location, and one of them has no file loaded against this – the Board, Group Number, Extension and file name is shown, but with the remainder blank, to again give indication the file is missing
  • The line item will be highlighted red if:
    • The file is on one Board but not on the other(s), there is no file or the files are different sizes
  • The .csv export has an additional column ‘Attention’ which is true/false based on the criteria above.
  • An additional column has been added to show the IPNR

Agent and Agent/Station Data Reports now show up to 64 skills

In Capacity Manager > Reports: The Agent/ Station Data and Agent Data reports did not cater for up to 64 skills. This has now been fixed.

Improvements to the Call Rate Panel on the ACM Dashlet

The Call Rate Panel, on the ACM System Health dashlet has been updated to show

  • HH:MM:SS time format for Busiest Interval
  • Two additional columns showing Busiest Hour, and number of calls Completed during the busiest hour
  • An additional row showing All Time Peak
  • Informational tooltips on the row headers providing further details on what they show

Old ACM Call Rate Panel

Updated ACM Call Rate Panel showing all time peak, and complete calls per hour


Previously, there was an issue with the IPNR Endpoint De-registration threshold, where when the user set up the threshold against a subset of IPNRs for the given location, they were not able to update that threshold later and add more IPNRs.  The IPNR drop-down on the threshold page has now been fixed, so that it always shows all available IPNRs to which threshold may be applied, rather than restricting to what user had currently selected.

On the new recently launched Voice Quality Management page, there was an issue with the default rules filter being difficult to manage, this has now been improved.

Previously there was an issue where running reports on Eastern/US timezone would cause polling errors, and the reports did not run correctly.  The issue has now been fixed for all time zones.

Previously on the CDR page, when creating a rule query using Incoming or Outgoing calls for the criteria, this was not correctly shown on the grid.   This has now been fixed.

In the new Files and Folders – Preview some users noted an issue with date sorting not always working as expected.  This has now been fixed.