This is the last release of the year, and features several small enhancements and fixes as we wrap up 2019.

The next release will be scheduled for the first week in January.

New Functionality

License reports now also report on CMS licenses

Previously, license usage, and license capacity reports only ran for ACM and AES.

These reports have been extended to now also include CMS.

The License reports now also include CMS

Windows dashlet now shows free disk space alongside % used

Previously, the Windows System Health dashlet showed % of disk space used for each volume, but did not show the amount free, like the other Linux-based dashlets.

In the Windows dashlet there is now an additional ‘free’ column showing disk space available. And, there is a tool tip mouseover, which shows the value in GB of free and total.

The Windows dashlet now has a disk free column with tool tip

Enhancements to the System Health Summary dashlet

By popular request, two further enhancements have been made to the System Health Summary dashlet

  1. In the settings, users can customize the dashlet and select which equipment to show (previously, this just showed all).  This change also fixes an issue reported by some users, where the dashlet was not showing all equipment.
  2. The dashlet now comes in a new HUGE mode.


Improvements to Active Streams and Calls In Progress Dashlets

  • Calls In Progress:  In the previous release we temporarily disabled displaying IPNR.  This functionality has been reinstated and the dashlet will continue to show the streams with 200 worst MOS.
  • Active Streams: has been re-engineered and can now process millions of calls in progress without breaking a sweat.

IP Office Dashlet

Previously, the IP Office dashlet did not show network connectivity data.  This functionality has now been added.

The IP Office dashlet now shows network connectivity data in graphical and text format