The focus of this release is based on direct recent feedback from our users in the form of several enhancements and ongoing fixes.

Here’s what you will find when you next log in to VSM:

New Functionality

Custom queries for Changelogs, Events and SIP Traces
By popular request, we have upgraded our new SIP Trace, Events, and Changelogs to support not only queries for the last hour, 6 hours, day, and week, but also custom date/time ranges going back as far as 13 months.

In all pages, there is a ‘custom’ button, which allows users to customize their search criteria.

The new Changelogs, Events, and SIP Trace pages all now feature a ‘Custom’ date/time search criteria

Severity bar mouseovers for system health summary dashlets
The ACM and General System health summary dashlets feature a severity bar, which reflects the worst case scenario of any of the values they monitor and show in the dashlet.

However, previously, it was not immediately apparent why a server’s severity bar may have changed color.

To make this clear, a tooltip mouse-over has been added, giving the user immediate feedback of what has triggered the change.

The System Health and ACM System Health Summary dashlets now have severity bar mouseovers

VSM top menu
Previously, in the VSM top menu, the about tab was not utilized.   This has now been updated.

Updated links on the top menu

  • Blog –  a pulse of the latest unified communications news and observations
  • How To Videos –  a How To video library guide to VSM
  • Latest Updates – a release blog of all the updates to VSM, as they happen

Discontinuation of legacy ACM and Windows Events
Recently we launched Availability -> Events – Preview – which provided a faster, sleeker, and more powerful consolidated view of:

  • SNMP Events
  • Windows Events
  • ACM Events
  • IP Telephony Events

This is now the primary navigation point for all event-related information, and the page has been renamed to Events, and still available under the Availability module. The old legacy event pages for Windows and ACM have been removed.

Bug fixes

VQM dashlets
Recently some larger customers started experiencing performance issues with the VQM dashlets, due to an issue with how the dashlets were processing >20,000 streams in progress at any given time. This issue has now been resolved.

For usability, the Calls In Progress Dashlet  has been updated to only show the top 200 worst calls in progress, rather than forcing the user to scroll through  all their calls in progress to find the problematic ones.

The Active Streams and Mean Opinion Scores Dashlet have also been updated and future-proofed to show the total number of current streams without impacting performance.

There are more improvements scheduled for this dashlet in the next release.  Consequently, as a work-around, the ability to view and filter on IPNR has been temporarily removed until R119.

MOS Distribution Percentage Report
Previously, in the MOS distribution Percentage Report – it was possible to select 1, or more IPNRs, but these were all shown overlaid on the one report, making it difficult to read.

This report has now been updated, to follow the same style as the Trunk Group and Network Connectivity reports. Where the user specifies more than one IP Network Region in the report criteria, these are shown in separate reports.

For each IP Network Region selected, the Mean Opinion Score Distribution Percentage is now shown on a separate page

ACMs v8
Previously, there was an issue affecting some v8 ACMs, where when administering the ACM, the survivable processors were not shown in the equipment pages. This has now been fixed.