Here’s what you will find when you next log in to VSM:

New Functionality

Updates to CMS Call Details

In the CMS Call Details page, under Service Desk, the expression builder has been extended to include the following criteria:

  • First Vector
  • Split 1, Split 2, Split 3
  • Call Disposition

The query builder itself has also been extended to support both AND queries (default), and OR queries, where the user can add comma separated values, and query returns when any of those conditions match.

CMS Grid – The updated CMS Call Details expression builder showing some of the new search criteria. Each row is an AND query, while comma separated variables on each ROW is an OR query.

The corresponding Historic CMS Call Trace report has been extended to include a richer criteria for building reports.

CMS report criteria with additional filter options

Columns on the left are compulsory – and the report can take up to three comma-separated entries for calling party, as well as comma-separated entries for Splits. Selecting Call Terminations will only show call traces where AGT_Released is true.

Further improvements to SIP Traces

The newly released SIP Trace – Preview, under Availability, has been further updated to include SIP message trace direction.

The SIP traces page now shows message direction


  • Previously, on the dashboard, there was an inconsistency with the default sorting for dashlets with a severity bar. This has now been standardized, and all dashlets with a severity bar are sorted by severity – red on top
  • There have been ongoing improvements to our new threshold engine. Previously, for some users, they were unable to configure disk partitions for some types of Linux equipment. This has now been fixed
  • Recently, VSM updated the dashboards, so that dashlets automatically detect when they stop receiving data, via a system alert icon – this functionality was added across all the system health dashlets, but not extended to the system health summary dashlet. This functionality has now been added there too.