Project Description

Turn the tables on attackers

Today’s UC systems live on IT networks – so they require the same kind of adaptive protection to keep them safe from evolving threats.

And yet Session Border Controllers (SBCs) protecting SIP trunking deployments are frequently left unmanaged, leaving gaping holes for hackers and fraudsters to target UC systems. No wonder toll fraud is costing organisations $38 billion each year.

That’s where VSM Security Manager comes in.

Real-time threat awareness

In the same way CCTV intruder detection alerts homeowners to suspicious activity, VSM’s real-time threat awareness spotlights hackers and keeps tabs on the defensive work of your SBCs.

With the bad guys in full sight, you’re in the strongest position to fix vulnerabilities and make other critical changes to keep your UC systems safe and sound.

Just the thing for a good night’s sleep.

Understand the risks

Hackers are cashing in on the widespread adoption of VoIP thanks to poorly secured SIP trunking. VoIP servers represented 67% of all attacks recorded against networks in the UK, according to Nettitude.

The implications are significant and extend far beyond the obvious financial costs of huge bills, or the increasingly common Denial of Service threats, where the object of the attack is to extort money. For contact centers, banks, and any organization that rely on voice communications, the results are disastrous.

Why SBCs alone fall short

SBC deployments can be so complex that administrators typically opt for extremely simple rules, leaving the organisation open to a range of attacks.

What’s more, SBCs don’t flash brightly on IT networks, so the job of managing routine updates, reporting performance, and monitoring evolving risks and counter measures is easily neglected.