Project Description

Don’t let broken technology break customer relationships

Keep lines open and customers connected, with VSM.

Work with live reports to stay in the picture and flag potential problems before they disrupt customer experience.

Vector diagrams

VSM renders complex call flow logic as simple schematics, highlighting ‘breakages’ and black holes likely to frustrate customers.

Recording assurance

Voice recording platforms are famous for failing to capture the only call that really mattered. VSM won’t let you down. Alerts flash the instant something’s amiss and prompt action that ensures call capture is fixed on the spot.

Announcement failure

When customers know how long they’re required to wait they’re more likely to hang around. That’s the value of intelligent call queue announcements. But sometimes things go awry and customers are left in the dark – and that’s no good for anyone.

VSM announcement pathways and configuration are continuously tracked and monitored, so your customers always know the time it will take to get the answer they need.

Self-service monitoring

Modern customers love self-service. But when service systems falter, look out. Nothing else drives customers crazy faster.

VSM alerts put you on the case the moment trouble strikes. That means your self-service system will be back up and running in no time.