Project Description

Track everything in your UC environment

UC environments are famously complex. But that’s no excuse for failing to understand the impacts of every change.

VSM does the heavy lifting, tracking and modelling servers, gateways, handsets and software versions, together with settings and platform configuration.

It’s rocket science for UC systems, helping managers understand the impact of even the smallest change in complex systems comprising hundreds, even thousands, of components and a matrix of interrelationships.

Configuration management database

Change is constant, but it’s painful when it comes as a surprise.

VSM eliminates surprises, delivering to your inbox a daily updated Configuration Management Database that shows the new status and location of all your UC assets.

Change log

System changes are a fact of life. But when they must be undone, they’re the bane of your life – unless you’ve got quick access to a complete history of changes.

VSM keeps the entire history of system setting changes in a single log – so you spend more time analyzing changes and less time looking for them.

As-built schematics

Better decisions flow from clear information. When it comes to UC networks, nothing’s clearer than a diagram.

VSM As-built Schematics paint a detailed picture of your UC network. Get the full picture at a single glance and zero in on locations of interest.