Another update to VSM has just been deployed.

New Functionality

Ability to move files and folders

In Service Desk > Files and Folders, it is now possible to move a file from one folder to another by using “drag and drop”.


  • CDR only uses first equipment selection – There was an issue on the Service Desk >> Call Details page, where when using the pre-set filter to formulate a query with multiple pieces of equipment, the results of only the first were returned.  This bug has now been fixed, and results of any queries using the selected equipment are returned.

    When selecting multiple equipment types, the results from any of those types will be shown.

  • Incorrectly raising IPOffice CPU Alarms – In VSM, it is possible to configure a threshold to raise an alarm when equipment CPU reaches a specific value.  This was not working correctly for IP Office equipment types, and has now been fixed.
  • VQM not displaying names – On the VQM page, for some customers the Name column was not populated. This has now been fixed and station data is also populated.
  • Calls In Progress Dashlet is not populating – There was an issue where for some customers not all calls in progress media streams were populating in the Calls In Progress Dashlet. This has now been fixed.
  • Error when running Extension Activity Report – Occasionally, when attempting to run the Extension Activity Report an error message was received and the report could not be run. This has been fixed.
  • Station Data Report cutting off digit in Cable Column – On the Station Data Report, the last digit from the Cable column was truncated. This has now been fixed.
  • Cisco API password is in plain text – On the Manage Equipment page, the Cisco API passwords were shown in plain-text. This has now been updated to be hidden, the same as other equipment passwords.
  • VQM data incorrectly displaying Ethernet Speed – In VQM Stream details data, when no port information was received the Ethernet Speed was incorrectly set to 0 MB. This has been corrected and no speed will be shown if no information is received.