With this update, we have lifted our game on monitoring, by incorporating AI to automatically detect new equipment, and introducing newly powerful SIP monitoring via protocol validation.

New functionality

New equipment Detection

On the Service Desk -> Equipment Locations -> Manage Equipment pagea notification panel is now shown listing any new equipment our AI engine has detected in the last 24 hours.

Users are given the option to hide the top panel for later review, add it to VSM for management, or ignore.

Ignored equipment won’t be shown again.

SIP Protocol Validation

The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a signalling protocol used for initiating, maintaining and terminating real-time voice, video and messaging sessions.

Using the SIP OPTIONS request message, it is possible to communicate information about the capabilities of the calling and receiving SIP phones. Similar to HTTP, the response codes can be one of six classes:

Status Response Code
Available 1xx = Informational responses, such as 180 (ringing).
Available 2xx = Success responses.
Available 3xx = Redirection responses.
Unavailable 4xx = Request failures.
Unavailable 5xx = Server errors.
Unavailable 6xx = Global failures.


Virsae has now added the ability to monitor these SIP responses, be automatically notified via an alarm of any errors, and show a history of SIP responses for a given server over the last three months.

To configure, navigate to Service Desk -> Equipment Locations -> Network -> Protocol Validation Configuration, then Add Protocol Validation using SIP OPTIONS as the Type. Tool tips guide the user through the set up.

An alarm is raised for any unavailable SIP Response.

Once configured, a full summary of the response codes for the past three months is shown under Service Desk -> Availability -> Protocol Validation


SIP Options Protocol Validation

Protocol Validation Configuration, Select ‘SIP Options’ and follow the tooltips to configure


Quick Date Time filter for VQM, CMS, and CDR pages now includes 24 hours

The Date Time filter for CMS, CDR, and VQM pages has been updated to include ‘Last 24 hours’ as a quick filter:



Test Access Button does not support SNMP v3

Previously, under Manage Equipment,  Test Access did not work correctly where a server was configured for SNMP v3.

This has now been fixed.

Reporting Fixes

There was an issue with the Directory Report where names were split into separate columns where there were special characters in the name.  This was a parsing issue and has now been fixed.


Dashboard Fixes

There was an inconsistency with the health status of Media Gateways shown on the ACM Summary dashlet, and the individual ACM System Health dashlet. This has now been fixed.

Previously, on the CMS System Health dashlet, not all ACD connections were shown for some customers.  This has now been fixed.


Thresholds not showing

There was an issue where newly created thresholds were not visible to customers and this has now been corrected.