When your media gateway crashes, who knows where to look? UC application managers point their fingers at the network team, and the network team points back.

It’s only when the root cause is found that the arguing stops. But that’s the problem – because pinpointing root causes requires a time machine and x-ray vision of the media gateway from both control (application) and network perspectives. And that’s a job for specialist tools.

VSM reports identify root cause in seconds

Identify the root cause of media gateway crashes on the spot.

VSM’s one-two combination of Media Gateway Timeout and Network Connectivity reporting tells you everything you need to know, scanning media gateways from both application and network perspectives, and storing the results.

Examine the connection between each media gateway and its media gateway controller, and capture a second independent view of network connectivity.

That’s the end of finger-pointing – and the diagnosis necessary for a quick and lasting fix.

Troubleshooting Media Gateways in Action

Learn how VSM Media Gateway Timeout and Network Connectivity reports make short work of media gateway trouble shooting.

Watch this 4-minute video.

See our VSM Tip here for more detail on using VSM Media Gateway Timeout and Network Connectivity reports.

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