New Functionality

Customize which SIP response codes to alarm on in Protocol Validation

Last month we added support for creating protocol validation for SIP, and raising an alarm when a 4xx/5xx/6xx response code is detected.

By default all SIP Failure responses will raise an alarm, specifically:

  • 4xx: Client failure
  • 5xx: Server failure
  • 6xx: Global failure

While, 1xx/2xx/3xx are deemed successful.

This functionality has now been extended to allow users to over-ride which response codes are considered failures.

For example:

  • A user may wish to check authorization is correctly configured, and therefore classify a 401 or 407 response as a success.
  • Standby SIP trunk groups may return a 405 (Method not allowed) as they are not in service, but this is a valid response.

This can be configured under Equipment Location->Protocol Validation – Configuration

Bug Fixes

CMS backups from CMS to VSM would fail
Previously, CMS backups would fail if the file was too large.  This has now been fixed.

On Export, MOS Distribution Report shows same results for each IPNR
For Availability Manager -> Reports -> MOS Distribution Reports, selecting Export to CSV, now shows data per IPNR selected.

Enabling FTP on location
There was an issue, where enabling FTP for a location would sometimes not save properly.  This has now been fixed.

In VQM, Hop information now included in CSV export
In VQM it is possible to see detailed stream path information.

However, this information was not included in the CSV data export. This is useful for doing troubleshooting over many streams.

Stream hop information is now included in the CSV export.