This release focuses on CMS with new extensions to the CMS Call Trace report utilizing state-of-the-art big data technology to assist contact centers with:

  1. Analyzing call handling for complaints process
  2. Identifying process improvements
  3. Identifying routing anomalies in the routing rules

CMS Call Trace Report

The CMS Call Trace Report, available under Availability -> Reports -> Detail -> CMS Call Trace,  has been extended with a rich search criteria, allowing users to build complex reports to identify and resolve a number of common scenarios.

The report can be used to highlight internal process problems, or customers with a poor experience, which might require follow-up, for example:

  • Generate a 24 hour report of all calls where the agent initiated call termination, and email this daily
    • Specify Call Terminations = Agent Release
    • Run as scheduled report
  • Identify any occurrences where call flow force-disconnects the call or gives the caller a forced busy signal
    • o Specify Call Disposition = 5 – forced busy
      o Specify Call Disposition = 6 – forceddisconnect
  • Identify all calls where the customer abandoned a call while put on hold by a specific agent in the last two hours
    • Specify Call Terminations = Hold Abandon
    • Specify Agent Login ID
    • Specify Date/Time period (default is last 24 hours)
  • For a given customer, show the full call experience to determine the number of transfers, or locations a customer was routed to
    • Specify  Calling Party number(s) (customer number)


Other examples include:

  • Identify calls which have been transferred many times
    • Specify Segment=3,4,5,6
  • Identify what auto attendant options calls are most commonly selecting
    • Specify First Vector Number


Because of the large volume of data analyzed, it is recommended to refine queries as much as possible, for best results.

The report can be run over a maximum 24 hour period, and is truncated to the first 8000 results.

In this example, the report will show a full call trace for all calls handled by the specified agents, where the customer abandoned the call while on hold


New workflow activity to encode string to URL/HTTP

Previously, there was an issue with how data from the web service activity was passed into Service Now.

This has now been addressed, by updating the String Encode activity.

It now takes an input string, and a drop-down lists allows the user to select which of the following encoding types to user:

  • URLEncode
  • HtmlEncode
  • URLPathEncode

These results are output to a new variable.


Updated String Encode activity


Previously, the events page was not loading for some customers. This has now been fixed.