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Troubleshooting Media Gateways

Establish the root cause of a Media Gateway outage in just a few seconds with Media Gateway Timeout and Network Connectivity Reports: See the health of the connection between the Media Gateway and its Media Gateway Controller at a UC application level Compare that to the health of the network connecting the two using [...]

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Quick Fix for VQM Problems

Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) is used by the IP network layer to provide a premium service. Real time applications such as voice and video use DSCP tagging to ensure prioritized transmission of packets. Sometimes network components inadvertently remove this tag, placing real time traffic into queues with regular network traffic like email and [...]

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What's it for? Significantly reduces the time taken to troubleshoot voice quality issues, by displaying vital configuration aspects for each end of RTP streams. Use VQM Related Data to: See QoS configuration with a single click Identify common causes of poor quality, like speed / duplex issues See if DSCP has been incorrectly set, stripped [...]

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What's it for? VSM's Security Manager is essential in protecting organizations from cyber attack. SIP based communication needs counter-measures to prevent hacker intrusion, bandwidth abuse, toll fraud, service hijacking and denial of service attacks. These threats cannot be mitigated by the session border controller (SBC) alone. Relying solely on the SBC is like having [...]

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What's it for? The business partner alarm summary dashlet is designed to provide improved visibility of the health status of all your VSM managed customers as a collective. The dashlet shows real-time alarm status across all VSM customers and is ideally displayed on a large screen in the Network Operations Center (NOC). It also [...]

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What's it for? Network connectivity is fundamental to correct operation of any technology solution. Use VSM to see if critical parts of your solution are reachable at a glance. See variations in network performance over time Know if connectivity has been consistently available or dropped at some point Use with Availability Manager to alert [...]

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Paying for unused trunk capacity? Losing callers when trunks overload? Either way, both scenarios cost money. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Keeping trunk capacity right-sized is easier than you think with VSM’s Trunk Group Summary Reports. What is this report for? Measure every trunk group with one report See the peak [...]

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Perhaps the ultimate measure of occupancy in an Avaya Communication Manager environment is ‘call rate’. BHCC (Busy Hour Call Completions) ultimately drive the requirement for server processing power. It’s important to see this both in real time, and historically for trending purposes. What are these reports for? Measure the combined loading of internal and [...]

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If you run out of media resources, symptomatically, some strange things happen: Calls remain queued, even though there are available agents VDN of Origin announcements don’t play for agents Calls go directly to voice mail without the station ringing Call recordings aren’t made Conferences fail when attempting to add new members When users report [...]

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What are they for? Providing an historic view of the traffic handled by your Avaya Session Manager. Compare loading between Session Managers to ensure load sharing is working as designed See the media your customers are choosing to interact with your company Trend changes over time SIP Session Reports show historically: SIP Sessions Broken [...]

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