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Virsae monitoring exceeds half billion calls per month

Auckland, 13 December 2019 – Virsae’s growing international base of customers and partners is behind a skyrocketing volume of call quality data feeding the company’s AI-powered unified communications (UC) service management platform. During November, Virsae Service Management (VSM) analyzed more than 500 million voice calls for quality – a subset of more than 12 billion [...]

2019-12-13T16:02:48+12:00December 13th, 2019|News|

AI set to Revolutionize UC Service Management

- Ross Williams, Virsae COO Artificial intelligence (AI) has ushered in a new era of interaction insight to the unified communications (UC ) and contact center space. But only for those with the platform packing the brainpower to decipher the torrent of data that flows through their UC systems. At its core AI is about [...]

2019-12-05T13:36:12+12:00December 5th, 2019|Blog|

MSPs find their edge with VSM

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) face mounting pressure in a fast-changing market. On one front, more software vendors offer cloud solutions with inbuilt automation taking care of routine functions that were once a core revenue stream for MSPs. And then there’s the challenge of relevancy as clients race to modernize legacy applications and service models to [...]

2019-11-26T14:33:38+12:00November 26th, 2019|Blog|

Rapid rise in number of SIP channels points to costly waste

Super-sized SIP trunks adding unnecessary costs to IP-based communications Auckland, 18 June 2019 – Businesses are over subscribing SIP trunks, frittering away savings delivered by the IP-based technology standard supporting VoIP. Analysis of thousands of communications technology deployments around the globe conducted by UC service management vendor Virsae ( shows the continued demise of Primary [...]

2019-06-21T11:25:29+12:00June 18th, 2019|News|

Media Gateway Synchronization

What's it for? Improve call quality and the reliability of trunk groups. Prevent DS1 circuits from slipping Eliminate breaks in audio as PCM frames realign Improve the reliability of the ISDN D-channel and therefore Trunk Group Availability Where do I find them? Media Gateway synchronization can be seen via DS1 Health in VSM's Service Desk [...]

2019-05-24T12:09:27+12:00May 24th, 2019|VSM Tips|

Inside the Contact Center: see more, look less

- Raymond Pearson, Channel Director, Virsae Knowledge is power in the contact center. Knowledge ensures managers make decisions and take action to make a good impression with customers. Trouble is, much of the knowledge contact center managers need exists in a raw unfiltered form buried deep in peripheral systems and the far corners of a [...]

2019-12-05T13:39:24+12:00May 6th, 2019|Blog|

Calls in Progress Dashlet

What's it for? Observe the quality of calls in real time: Zoom in on certain Call Servers, Sites, or even individual Users Isolate the outliers Limit to specific quality bands Interactively establish common factors Where do I find them? VQM Calls in Progress dashlet is available in VSM's Service Desk module in Dashboards. Service Desks growing library [...]

2019-02-15T15:01:26+12:00February 15th, 2019|VSM Tips|

Media gateway outage – quick fix or finger-pointing?

When your media gateway crashes, who knows where to look? UC application managers point their fingers at the network team, and the network team points back. It’s only when the root cause is found that the arguing stops. But that’s the problem – because pinpointing root causes requires a time machine and x-ray vision [...]

2019-08-02T17:12:21+12:00January 31st, 2019|VSM @ Work|

Problems with Skype for Business?

Skype calls fail to connect or drop out? Can’t hear meeting participants? Scratchy video quality? Skype for Business is fantastic when it works well. But lots can go wrong. Microsoft recommends watching 70 performance indicators to keep Skype for Business functioning flawlessly. That’s a lot to watch, never mind making sense of warning signs [...]

2018-11-22T14:54:49+12:00November 22nd, 2018|VSM @ Work|

How Big Data is Revolutionizing UC Management

Most engineers understand how to configure a UC platform to get the best from it. Behind the scenes a myriad of moving parts must cooperate faultlessly to deliver the outcomes engineers have configured. But cooperation is rarely, if ever, problem-free, saddling UC engineers with the back-breaking task of sifting and decoding a mountain of data [...]

2018-10-18T14:05:08+12:00October 18th, 2018|Blog|